Staff & False Identities

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Staff & False Identities

Post by Mr Admin on Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:19 am

As an Employer, we must be aware that the possibility of misrepresentation exists. If you do not have a policy in place, and lets face it, it isn't an obvious type of thing for which a policy would be in place; then you need to exercise due diligence for your own peace of mind.

There is legislation that covers the employment of illegal immigrants, and all of us are aware that if they don't have entitlement to be here then employing them can result in some pretty hefty fines and the risk that goes with that is of course imprisonment, depending upon the circumstances, and upon your level of collusion. As often is the case, ignorance is not a defense.

If it starts to sound like it, please be certain that I am not offering legal advice here: just a common sense approach to matters which may arise.

Think about what might drive someone to pretend to be someone they are not, and the picture starts to become clearer. A person claiming benefits, may wish to work under an assumed or stolen identity. What would happen if you were raided and you were employing three or four people doing the same thing? What would it look like?

What implications would this have upon your insurance if something went wrong, and you needed to submit a claim, but the insurers suspected foul play, and discovered fraud? What would it look like?

Or what about a person who is planning to rob the pub underneath your own eyes. For whatever reason, it just makes sense to know who you are employing.

Make sure that you take down the relevant details for all job applicants, and that for those who are sketchy with details, you are insistent that they provide the information you have requested.

The information you should be recording here is, Full Name, DOB, Address, Contact Telephone Numbers, NIC No, Bank Details, Proof of Identity and Proof of Address. It isn't much, but if you have any suspicions whatsoever, then you should contact the relevant issuing authority or organisation to verify the information you have been provided with is correct.

Photocopies of proof of identity and address should be held on record in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act. You cannot be reasonably expected to do any more than this, and these simple precautions will demonstrate that you have acted with due dilligence.
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