Advertising Scams

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Advertising Scams

Post by Mr Admin on Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:23 am

As old as prostitution itself, it starts with a call from a 'local' advertising company with a quoted distribution figure.

They might be selling you ads in a leaflet that is distributed, advertising features, calendar advertising, or a one off promotion.

The premise is the same, and you will not suspect it is a con, because as promised, you will receive a copy of your ad in a nice glossy brochure. You can be sure that whatever you have been sent has been solely distributed to advertisers: there is no circulation.

What happens, is they get people like you advertising and spending money. They print a small run of whatever it is you are paying to advertise in, to make it look genuine; and it can go on for years.

The sad thing is that these people have the ability to do what they say they can do, and they have the creativity. However they just can't be bothered to do the finished job.

There are genuine advertising companies like the Pub Advertiser, but you need to do your homework first.
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