Charity Scams

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Charity Scams

Post by Mr Admin on Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:21 am

There are a couple of things here really.

We all receive requests to collect for charity, and we are unfortunately often hearing of charity scams, where people are diverting the genuine and sincere contributions made by the public with the intention that this will go to a good cause; to line their own pockets.

At busy times in the evening, when there isn't the opportunity to verify charity registration numbers with the Charity Commission or even internally police the presence of charity collectors, have a blanket ban on canvassers in your premises.

Customers do not appreciate being touted to fork out £5 for a single red rose, and genuine charities do not, or at least should not, operate in this way.

You should ensure that any one wishing to raise money in your premises, has the decency to request prior permission; if you are prepared to allow them to do so in the first place.

You should levy a fee for verifying they are genuine, and if they are, then you should return it to them. This will involve a check on the Charity Commission's website against the advertised Registration Number, and a phone call to check they are authorised to collect on behalf of the charity. After all, if you have a collection box on the bar for months upon end, and it turns out to be a fake, you will feel pretty silly. Not only that, but your customers will be less inclined to get behind a genuine charity event in the future.

Charities are required by the Charity Commission to raise a certain amount before they are allowed to register as a Charity. This means they can legally raise money initially, without a charity number. Walk away.

You can pledge to donate, but do not donate until they are properly registered. Many people flout this, by endlessly raising, and never actually reaching the low £5000 threshold. They raise all of their money in the form of cash donations, which should be properly accounted for, but is not always so easy to audit.

Pledge, do not donate. You are right to contact the Police if you suspect wrongdoing.
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