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Welcome To Drink Talk - The PubAdvertiser Forum

Post by Mr Admin on Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:31 pm

Drink Talk is a Forum for people who love British and Irish Pubs, and for the Pubs themselves, to talk Pubs. If you have anything interesting to talk about; you've been to a decent Pub, or your life revolves around one, then share it with like minded drunkards. Share the experience. Although we don't advocate mixing the two together, you can talk about drink, driving, and any other manly or unmanly topic that you wish to. We like to keep things decent, so we won't tolerate people being abusive, hateful, or encouraging suicide: you get the picture.

If you have been on a long walk, and stumbled across a delightful Pub, let us know where it is. If you are a Pub planning a Festival or Event, let us know. Strangely, we want to keep the Forum an Advertising Free Zone, so no advertising plugs please. Let us know what you are doing at the weekend.

Register Free, and Start Foruming - For those of you sitting at home with a can of Stella or a glass of wine, have a look at our main site for a decent Pub near you, and help keep our Pubs Alive. We all need to get out more, and spend more of our time drinking for the altruistic good of preserving local Pubs; and of course for the simple pleasure of drinking. For some it is a way of life. Make it yours.
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